Commercial & Industrial
Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Janitorial Cleaning and Maintenance
Cleaning Surfaces, Disinfection, & Sanitation
24 Hour Emergency Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Carpet Steam and Spot Cleaning
Floor Scrubbing, Stripping & Waxing
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
Superintendant and Relief Services
Garbage Disposal (Small and Large Bin)
Garbage Chute Cleaning
Superintendant and Relief
Vent Cleaning
Eaves Cleaning
Condo Suite Residential Cleaning
Infection Control
Street Concrete Pressure Washing
Off-Site Rug Cleaning
Gymnasium Cleaning & Disinfection
Parking Lot Sweeping, Pressure Washing

Commercial & Industrial
Cleaning & Maintenance

Our commercial cleaning & maintenance services help provide a clean, safe, and presentable business atmosphere. Our goal is to not make your property shine, but to also help keep your business in adherance with health & safety regulations, building codes, and other related legislation.

Our System Works

Our system of cleaning and maintenance includes a well thought out duties checklist, a well trained and certified staff, scheduled and random inspections with quality inspection reports, customer feedback, employee performance reviews, eco-friendly chemical options, and more.

Safety & Security

From the time our crew enters your facilty, we make sure to keep safety and security a priority. We lock all door and other entry points, turn off all lights, and set any alarms necessary to protect your facility.