Condominium Cleaning & Maintenance


A distinction between the types of properties we clean and maintain are well comminucated amongst our staff. We understand the prestige characteristics of condominium design, style, and operational efficiency. Our benchmark in service quality correspond with these high standards. Our process of maintenance promotes consistency, reliability, and effectiveness, and remains up-to-date with best practices in our industry. Equipment and supplies selected by our team adhere to current legislation and demonstrate sustainability.


We understand how demanding property management and real estate professions can be, which is why we provide the services needed to get the job done. Our approach is one call, many services. We provide an extensive list of services in-house, and maintain extensive relationships with building service professionals for a complete experience.


We motive our team of certified maintenance staff, supervisors, and managers, to maintain a high level of service quality. We combine an experienced and engaged management team, with a well trained and certified front line staff, and a system that includes inspection programs, consistent training programs, and effective communication with our customers to ensure satisfaction.


Janitorial Cleaning and Maintenance
Cleaning Surfaces, Disinfection, &
24 Hour Emergency Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Carpet Steam and Spot Cleaning
Floor Scrubbing, Stripping & Waxing
Heating, Ventalation & Air Conditioning
Superintendant and Relief Services
Garbage Disposal (Small and Large Bin)
Garbage Chute Cleaning
Superintendant and Relief
Vent Cleaning
Eaves Cleaning
Condo Suite Residential Cleaning
Infection Control
Street Concrete Pressure Washing
Off-Site Rug Cleaning
Gymnasium Cleaning & Disinfection
Parking Lot Sweeping, Pressure Washing


Condominiums are unique properties which deserve special attention. There are hunders of tenants that need to be happy and satisfied with the services provided by a cleaning and maintenance company. That is why we hold ourselves to a higher standard when developing and implementing a plan for a condominium. We deliver detailed cleaning & maintenance services to keep lobbys, hallways, washrooms, entrance areas, garbage chutes, elevators, garages, and other areas of a condominium clean, safe, and presentable.