Greener Work & Living Space

Until recently, history has shown eco- friendly chemicals to be less effective than the traditional heavy chemical- based cleaning products. Well, times have changed, and eco-friendly products are leading the charge with improved service quality results while reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Our Green-Mac Maintain Program utlizes the best in eco-friendly products & chemicals while performing our services. Our policies and procedures address eco-friendly goals, strategies, materials, and services that are within our control.

GreenMac Maintenance Program

Many companies and businesses are putting increased value on managing environmental issues and on cleaning up their business practices to promote protection of the planet; in light of this, our Green-Mac Maintain Program is designed to establish eco-friendly practices & procedures.

Green Cleaning Policy

Our Green-Mac Maintain Program policy identifies key opportunities for a greener clean:

- using eco-certified products and chemicals
- water-based (no chemicals) floor cleaning solutions
- bio-degradeable
- protect property occupants during cleaning
- safe handling and storage of cleaning chemicals
- reducing toxicity levels while performing services
- conserve the use of energy, water, and chemicals
- promoting hand hygiene

Eco-certified Products & Chemicals

Many of the products we use to perform our services minimize the use of carcinogens and teratogens, alkyl, octyl, nonyl, phenol ethoxylates. They also minimize the compounds found to have a depleting effect on the ozone. Our choice of chemicals in our eco-friendly option also minimize toxic chemicals, and help our use of cold water effectively.

Help Reduce Harmful Illnesses

Some of the chemicals we use are effective in minimizing the spread of influenza A, H1N1, HIV, Listeria, Monocytogenes, Staphylococcus Aureus, Escherichia Coli, and more.