Floor Care

Floors are a focal point of any building. If not treated regularly, they can end up looking old and beat up.

Our team of professionals can help maintain your floors. Ceramaic, Tile, Vinyl, and more...

Regular Maintenance

Our burnishing option is designed for the regular maintenance of your floors. Our professionals will thoroughly sweep your floors clear of all debris, then vacuum and mop the floors for a good cleaning. Then our team will use an industry approved floor scrubber machine to give your floors a through ceaning and removal of dirt, soil, scuff marks, and snow melting salt.

Stripping, Sealing, and Finishing

After wear and tear, floors build up a dirty wax coating that makes your floors look old and beat up. The original shine of your floor is no more. Our Stripping and Waxing service is designed to help floors that have been ignored, mistreated, and located in high traffic areas. We strip the old wax, clean the floors of all remaining dirt and wax, then apply new coatings of shine and protection.


Every floor needs to be cared for on a regular basis. Sweeping, moping, baseboards, black mark removal, and corners are all including when a Gremac specialist is maintaining your floors.