Communication, Commitment, Consistency

Communication is a key component in our formula of delivering what our customers want from our maintenance services. Our Client Managers are experienced in serving our customers and communicating our message throughout the entire staff. A detailed approach is promoted through our company’s philosophy to ensure quality satisfaction at every level.

From the initial meeting, to the commencement of services, through to the management of service and routine inpections, our work is guaranteed!

1. Initial Meeting

Determine the services needed, any special considerations, and share useful information about our system of cleaning and maintenance.

2. Proposal

Create a proposal that includes
our proposed services, price, and
other important info for doing
business with us. In this step we
communicate with the customer
to determine the best available
options going forward.

3. Commencement

Our management team, supervisors
and custodial staff will monitor
performance through orientation and
training, frequent inspections, customer
feedback,and performance reviews.


Our prices are determined by a few factors:

  1. Time to complete duties.
  2. Supplies and Equipment needed to complete duties.
  3. Other expenses such as transport and/or fuel, and maintenance of equipment.
  4. Back-end expenses such as administration and/or inspection programs.

To request more information please contact our office and ask about our Rate Card.

Management of Services

Our management team, supervisors and custodial staff work together to monitor our performance levels by conducting frequent inspections, canvassing customer feedback, and performing employee performance reviews. Our managers are readily available to our customers to ensure special requests are administered efficiently. 24/7 Service for emergencies are available upon request.