Larger businesses get all the attention, but sometimes, it’s the smaller ones that truly deserve it!

Retail Cleaning & Maintenance

Our Retail Cleaning & Maintenance services are designed for customers who appreciate attention to detail. The space you use to sell your products should always be clean and ready for your customers. Our team of professional

How We Help
Our Retail Cleaning & Maintenance services help keep your business looking it’s best. We offer a number of services that keep surfaces clean and disinfected, protecting your staff and customers from the spread of illnesses. Our floor care service not only maintains floors, but also protects floors from wear and tear. And if it’s carpets that you have in your retail space, we keep them clean, and can steam clean when needed. Washrooms are disinfected and stocked on a regular schedule.

Our System Works
Our system of cleaning and maintenance includes a well thought out duties checklist, a well trained and certified staff, scheduled and random inspections with quality inspection reports, customer feedback, employee performance reviews, eco-friendly chemical options, and more.

Safety & Security
From the time our crew enters your facility, we make sure to keep safety and security a priority. We lock all doors and other entry points, turn off all lights, and set any alarms necessary to protect your facility.