Our mission from day one has been to develop a reliable cleaning & maintenance solution that remains aware of the small things, the details that make a difference for our clients.

Nine years later and we’re sticking to our commitment!
At Gremac, we share the idea that everything counts!
From the cleaning staff, to the owners, to the
management, to the marketing, to the supervisors, to
the president, to the...well, you get the idea!

The Gremac Way

Commitment, Consistency, Communication

Since 2005, our goal has been to remain consistent in the level of care and attention we pay to each and every customer we serve. Our system of cleaning and maintenance combines passionate leadership, with experienced management, and a detailed staff development program that prepares our staff for working in various workplace settings.

Our philosophy is shared throughout our entire organization. It promotes honesty, accountability, positivity, and integrity in everything that we do. From our maintenance staff, to our supervisors, to our management, we are committed to the satisfaction of our customers and remain focused on delivering service quality excellence.

Our managers are always available to our customers, offering around the clock service. We share information pertaining to our services openly with our customers which ensures great communication and a focus on what matters most to our customers.

Dedicated to Success

Our vision for success is based around our clients and staff.
We operate our business to be a full service cleaning &
maintenance company that takes pride in making our
clients feel great about choosing us as their go-to
company. When it comes to our team, we are dedicated
to investing in the knowledge and skills learned at
Gremac Maintenance which has create a great
experience for our staff, motivating them each step of
the way!

Toronto Born and Raised

In their teenage years, co-founders Masio Saunders and Alexis Saunders started shoveling snow with their father at the very well-known Gooderham Flatiron building in the east end of downtown Toronto. Working with their father taught them the value of hard work, dedication, and always putting their customers first. Although their father chose to shut down his business and begin a new chapter in his life, the Saunders siblings wanted to start their own cleaning company and bring it to new heights. In 2005, they did just that. Working together to ensure reliability, professionalism, and a strong work ethic for their customers, they’ve grown Gremac Maintenance from a small residential cleaning company, to a full service cleaning & building maintenance company serving several customers across the GTA.

Courteous, Experienced
& Certified Staff

We search for individuals who embody the
characteristics that align with our vision. Those who
display passion and dedication to customer service,
and who understand the value of hard work.
We invest in those individuals by training them in the
best practices in our industry, enroll them in numberous
certification programs, and provide them with the
skills and knowledge to be successful in their positions.

Proficient Management

Maintaining great relationships with our clients has been a large contributor to our success. Our staff of dedicated and experienced managers practice a detail-oriented style of management, with a customer-centric approach to their daily routine. The system in which we deliver our services enables our management team to utilize the skills and experience they possess to foster quality satisfaction from our customers. Putting our best foot forward is what we promise our customers, each and every day.

Quality Control

We are committed to the satisfaction of our cusotmers.
The system of cleaning & maintenance we have
established provides a working environment in which
our staff can perform to the best of their ability.
Our management tream works to
monitor all levels of effectiveness and efficiencies, and
actively communicates with our customers to ensure the
highest level of customer satisfaction. We combine
inspection programs, customer feedback, and
performance reviews for quality service results.

Effective Chemicals & Efficient Equipment

Choosing the rights supplies and equipment is an important step in attaining efficient and effective results. We work with our suppliers to gain knowledge about the chemicals we choose, and we actively research new developments in our industry so we can stay ahead of game.

Eco-Friendly Options

Every great cleaning & maintenance company needs
a list of effective products and chemicals that provide its
customers with an eco-friendly option for their property.
Many of the chemicals we use have a less
harmful effect on the environment, using
bio-degradable solutions, and a manufacturing
process that is less harmful to the environment.

Insured & Bonded

Although this step seems quite obvious, it’s surprising just how many cleaning & maintenance companies choose to override this step in setting up their business. It crucial to our business to protect our clients best interests, our staff’s best interests, and the best interests of our company. We maintain business insurance covering up to $2,000,000 liability, and also maintain WSIB Insurance. Certificates are available upon request.

Day & Night Services

Our committment to being there for our customers
remains strong. We have always been, and continue
to be available for both day and night services. Whether
you are a business in search of a cleaning & maintenance
company who comes in and works after your staff has left
for the day, or you need a team to come in during
the day, we are here for you!

Always Double Checking

Whenever our cleaning & maintenance staff completes our work, we double check to ensure we’ve covered all cleaning duties on our checklists. We also check to ensure that all entry points are locked and secured, and that all alarm systems are activated as instructed.